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Our goal is to teach the skills necessary for individuals to perform effectively day-to-day in their chosen professions, while staying safe and keeping their peace of mind.

STC is a private security company, specializing in the development and training of professional security and law enforcement. We provide several tiers of training to meet the needs of every organization. All our classes are taught by knowledgeable individuals, who have many years of practical experience in training California’s law enforcement personal and creating training packages based on state regulation and law.

Training Classes Offered

Training Classes Offered

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Chemical Agent
Pepper Spray

  • Length: 4 Hours

The Chemical Agents Course provides the required training needed to carry OC/Pepper Spray while on duty and also includes certification about the proper application of handcuffs in various situations.

Guard Card
(State Mandated)

  • Length: 8 Hours

The course focuses on the legal aspects, techniques, liability and company requirements related to arrests. Topics covered meet the requirements of Business and Professions Code 7583.7 (needed by all security guards).

Custom & Group

  • Length: Custom

If you are part of a group or organization that is interested in having a custom training session that is tailored to your specific needs email us at or call us at (559) 277-1580 to see how we can help you.

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